Sponsor The Hot 30



The Hot 30 is played on Over 50 FM Radio Stations around Australia and overseas.

First position

As each segment of the Hot 30 ends, Your sponsorship will play first.  The Hot 30 has 5 Spots available every show.

National Coverage

The Hot 30 is heard around Australia in all states and Territories Except Western Australia.

Advertising Stimulus

There is no greed here! Matty makes the show for free, there are no sales staff to pay, no corporate head office and the studio is owned outright by Matty. So Advertising on The Hot 30 is Cheap!

$250 Per Month for 1 Spot in each Show.

$425 Per Month for 2 Spots in each Show.


$100 Production Fee for making Spots (per spot) $50 for changes

$0 If your Spot is already Made.