Hot 30 with Matty

The Hot 30 with Matty

About Matty & The Gang

Matty first hosted the Hot 30 on Hot 100 FM Darwin, Scoring #1 in the ratings (out rating the Morning crew). After Matty left Hot 100 he created and Switch FM and continued to make the Hot 30 voluntarily for stations globally.

Matty is the President of Youth Broadcaster Switch Brisbane and holds 4 FM licences of his own in regional Queensland. Switch FM Maranoa

The hot 30 is Made weekly with a huge team of 5!

Richard Tucker – U.S.A. Contributor

Steve R – Aus Music reporter/ Wank Words Host

Craig Smith – Entertainment Reporter/ Stand By Host / Producer.

Peter has joined us for L.A. Spinz

Inaya Day – Celebrity Friend of the Show/Stand By Host .

Matty and Inaya December 2019